Farah Abraham’s 7 Year Old Daughter Kicked Off Instagram

Apparently Snapchat thinks Farah Abraham’s daughter is too young to be on the social media app! According to RadarOnline 7-year old’s account was deactivated after Abraham defended her decision to allow her daughter to send Snapchats to strangers. Followers became concerned when Sophia posted videos requesting strangers to send her messages. “I reported Sophia Abraham’s […]

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Man Bathes In Hot Sauce, Immediately Questions The Path That Lead Him There And The True Meaning Of Regret

YouTuber Cemre Candar submerged himself inside a tub filled with what he asserts is spicy sauce for his latest stunt — and instantly regretted doing so.     Video going viral reveals the United Kingdom-based vlogger screaming out in anguish as 1,250 bottles worth of the condiment quickly cover his body.   Afterward, to further […]

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